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ARTIST: Dano Cube
TITLE: Central Connection LP

DJ Dano Cube (Jose Daniel O) hails from the beautiful Central American city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, further expanding the NOSI Music international connection. Dano has been gracing our ears with wondrous sounds for the past 7 years and has also previously worked with other labels to create an identity all his own. These labels include Worm Records, Bronzai Records, Click Muzic Recordings, E-motion Recordings, Minimized Records and Dark Shot Records to name a few.

Some of Dano’s solo EP’s on the NOSI Music label include “On My Mind,” “Tarantula,” “Parachute,” & “Lalalai,” all full of meticulously placed instrumentals, sound bites and a bravado unmatched by many of the current minimal DJ’s to date. Some of the tracks that you will hear on his new release touch the senses in a titillating manner and are brilliantly psycho-tech chic. Dano is also the founding member of the SMAC (Sala Multiusos de Arte y Cultura) which is a group of artist that range from painters to musicians, based in Honduras. This group highlights the current activities and pieces from artist as well as different cultural events.

NOSI Music prides itself in having a strong cohesiveness when collaborating with artist from other countries as well as the US, bridging gaps so those artists with that particular NOSI sound and talent are seen, heard and given brand identity that couples creativity with a strong futuristic vision. Dano Cube is exactly what NOSI is constantly envisioning, striving to incorporate and instill as an artist associated with their label. Founded in 2006, in New York City, NY, NOSI Music made the decision to set themselves apart from the current mainstream sound, to create cutting edge dance music that ranges from deep & dark to the fresh open-ended minimal techno. 

“Coso” ignites a tech groove that draws its listeners into a roundtable of audio information. Each arrangement hits its marks with an effortless production style and murky vision pushing the boundaries of a four bar beat. “Coso” is captivating with lusty dark sweeping snares and a powerful raw guttural rolling roar which elevates the appeal. A ripping basement vibe with subtle acid like chords and creepy vocals allow “Coso” to infiltrate the mind.

A tough spacey industrial techno sound is evident as “Candyflip” sets the tone. The simplistic solid pace will engulf an audience leaving only the strong to survive this apocalyptic vortex. The subsonic levels of audio expansion are found inside the complexity of layers and breathe light into a lost world that Dano has created. Rumbling basslines and massive snare strikes align the track that transports the mind. “Candyflip” and its subtle vocals, warped disco synth whistle, and hypnotic chimes showcase Dano Cubes keen sense of techno production.

When Dano is thrown lemons he makes “Lemonade” A silky smooth tech progressive sound that draws the feeling of warmth and optimism. A beautifully arranged track encompasses a magnetic approach. The use of a mystical piano, funky fidgety high hats, and a steam rolling bass line elevate the track to its full potential. Sweet lathered chords evoke emotion and compliment the range of “Lemonade” as Dano’s production style has proven to utilize a variety of techniques.

A large powerful bass line blasts off the introduction of Dano Cube’s “Detroit” which is a rocker. A dark techno groove that lures the soul, Dano’s use of subtle high notes, whimsical stabs, and the increasing progression of a huge zipped synth ripper, maintain the massive qualities of “Detroit” The diabolical funky bounce creates an audio ignition that keeps the pace charged throughout. Prepare yourself for the intelligently timed builds and drops as we witness the future of techno.

NYC Love
I love New York and so does Dano as he drops some “NYC Love” on the EP. The track has many components that set the mood where throwback appeal meets a futuristic production blend. Fluffy organs, sifted highs-hats, oxalating synth tones, and a chug a lug melodic bass compliment the vibrant nature of “NYC Love” as Dano pays homage to a city which lives and breathes techno.

Room 202
The vivacious tech-house beat found in Dano’s “Room 202” is therapeutic bass treatment. The melodic nature of the track cleverly harnesses a positive side effect. Poppy and choppy snapping sounds with a harmonious echoing effect keep, “Room 202” bouncing up from the basement with drippy chords and stabs that illuminate the overall feel. Dano’s versatile production style stays crisp and clean with another gem to add to the audio arsenal.

After the night sky clears, we soak in a beautiful “Sunrise” and this defines the audio bliss that ignites the experience through the track. A luscious bassline gives way to spiritual syncopated love. Minimalistic high hats tat away while a warm stabbing chord brings the “Sunrise” to a full cycle of sound. The production brings you a combination of progressive, tech-house, and techno. Layers upon layers of masterfully engineered sound are on full aural display.

Una Manana Junto a Ti
Ruptured sub bass kicks off “Una Mañana Junto A Ti” which means “A Morning With You” this dreamy tech-house would appeal to the after-hours or even be great as an opening track. Refined pianos, dark huffing vocal arrangements, and the use of a synth all compliment the fluidity of the track. The wheels are in motion as the sound glides along the lake then coasts along the ocean.

In the quest of life we all look for “Expansion” especially regarding good techno. Dano’s vision is witnessed as we take a closer look into this punchy gritty track that will throw flames onto any dance floor. This massive masterpiece is a true scorcher. Shaky tweaked synths, bubbling bumps, gyrating jiggles, and a rocking groovy bass package inspire spiritual transformation leading to “Expansion” The true techno following will be more then pleased to smile and dance during peak hours for this barn burner.

We are embarking on a voyage to go beneath the earth’s crust and “Xinxan” is our tour guide. The hallucinogenic aftermath ensues while trying to navigate your conciseness to the next chapter of the night. The sound wiggles on by like a cartoon bread truck on a 5:00 am run. “Xinxan” is a whimsy minimal tech track that meets dirty ripples for an electronic feast in another dimension.

01 Intro
02 Coso
03 Candyflip
04 Lemonade
05 Detroit
06 NYC Love
07 Room 202
08 Sunrise
09 Una Manana Junto a Ti
10 Expansion
11 Xinxan
12 On The Black
13 Outro


Richie Hawtin - Great album :) waiting for more

Hamza Rahimtula - Some Sick Tracks there! Well Done.

Marques Wyatt - Detroit Feelin, thanks.

Bruno Legos - Amazing.

Pito - Good and varied beats, Sunrise, Expansion my favs, special mention to the outro.


Giovanni della Piuma - Several cool tracks I will give a spin: NYC Love , Una Mañana Junto A Ti, and Sunrise are favorites.

Noah Pred - Impressive work - you've put a new artist on my radar!

PointBender - Sunrise is the one for me.

Junior Rivera - Amazing Album. full support!

Rob Warner - Dope stuff. Some interesting and very playable tracks on here. 'Detroit' is badness!

Andrea Ferlin - Lemonade for me.

Riyaz Khan - Well crafted release! Really impressed with quality of sounds and mature ideas - Candyflip is my fave - spacey, intelligent and deep!

Jeff Roll - Dano Cube has such a diverse range of sounds and styles. What a pleasure... Love Sunrise...

Alexander Fog - Great album with lot of variety. I will be supporting. Good Job!

Clubbers Guide New York - More bangers from Dano!! Hard to pick a favorite! Maybe Coso?

Kevin Shiu - Nice work!

When you listen to Dano Cube's music, it's easy to see a method to the madness. A quick worker in the studio, his tendency to produce tracks in bunches keeps his devoted fans coming page to his SoundCloud page regularly. Latin American producers are making a name for themselves lately for their special blend of techno, and Dano Cube is a prime example of what’s to come. 

Almost 7 years ago, Dano started making some "kid stuff" as he calls it, and other tracks that come from different atmospheres and perspective. Even though Dano now thinks of himself as a techno artist, it wasn’t always that way. After discovering his gift for music through the guitar, he progressed into more commercial forms of music from music television. "I started producing experimental tracks and I realized it was a totally different perspective apart from all the commercial music. That was when I started to know about artists such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Super Flu, Gaiser... It was then that I said to myself 'This is my thing' "

Not yet widely known for its techno culture, Honduras has been developing a group of budding artists in it’s underground for the last decade. Dano says: "I like it a lot as a producer, I like the idea of working with more people and listening to other artists produce, no matter their genre...The scene is now on its maximum point and I like being a part of it." In 2011 Dano Cube has maintained a steady stream of releases on independent labels worldwide including: NOSI Music, Low Q Records, Wormy Records, Click Muziq Recording, Deepna, Unison, Bronzai, Minimalized and many more to come.

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